We are taking applications for a second assistant for shoots, to be hired on a job-by-job basis. This is NOT a full time position. Pay will depend on experience and skill, but will be at least $9/hour once training is complete.  Each job will typically be between 2-4 hours. Because we do already have a primary assistant, we may only need you for a few shoots a month, or we may need you for quite a few! Great fit for someone who is interested in the photography world and would enjoy having a little extra spending money from time to time.

Assistants must be willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that a shoot runs smoothly. This typically involves carrying equipment, preparing sets, checking that all equipment is functioning properly, setting up lighting and accessories, help cleaning & reorganizing after the shoot, and culling after a shoot. This may also entail general studio maintenance, such as ensuring that the storefront and dressing room are clean and presentable for clients, organizing files & props, and shielding the photographer from unnecessary interruptions.

Additionally, an assistant may occasionally be responsible for re-ordering supplies and small equipment, returning phone calls / emails / answering basic questions for customers, accepting payments and making bank deposits, submitting & checking orders, ensuring that the store front is clean & presentable for client meetings, and communicating with clients. Other possibilities include assisting with post-processing (culling, color correction, basic editing, renaming files, transmitting files, organization.) If you are interested in this type of work as well, please specify. 

Desired Availability:

We need someone who is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Outdoor shoots are typically scheduled within a few hours of sunset, but indoor sessions may vary. We will not be hiring anyone who can only work weekends, although we may occasionally need help on a weekend if our primary is unavailable. 



This is an entry-level position, so no previous experience is necessary. This is a position for someone with an easy personality, and a willingness to learn and take direction. Assistants must be organized and practical, should be able to foresee potential problems, and should possess the ability to maintain a calm and pleasant demeanor even when dealing with the unexpected.  Assistants must be able and willing to contribute when miscellaneous needs arise, such as helping to set up displays, cleaning, steaming backdrops, running errands, etc.

Communication skills are a must. Some computer skills may be necessary. Keen attention to detail is a big plus. Art / fashion sense is a plus. Applicants do not have to be outgoing but must be capable of being friendly, curteous, and polite.

Physical requirements:

Must be able to lift 30 pounds. Must be able to stay on feet for 2-4 hours, sometimes longer. Must be able to sit / lean for long periods of time.

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