What to Wear

Keep in mind that the session is ultimately customized to YOUR taste, so if you don't like our rules, feel free to break them! HOWEVER we do have a great deal of experience in understanding what works and what doesn't, so if you like our style & want your images to be just as beautiful, browse through our recommendations below! Also you can always email us if you have questions. :) 


#1. TRY IT ON and make sure IT FITS (before the day of your session!!) Do NOT wait until the day of the session to choose an outfit.

#2. Above all else, make sure you wear something that flatters you! Your outfit should be something that you can look at yourself in the mirror wearing and feel like a million bucks. This might mean it's a favorite go-to outfit that you wear all the time! That's a perfect choice - because it's YOU.  If you don't feel confident in what you're wearing, it WILL SHOW in your pictures

#3. Wear something you can move in! We cannot conduct an entire portrait session with only standing poses, so if you can't sit in it, don't bring it! You should be able to sit, stand, maybe even squat or lay down in your outfit!  

#4. Don't forget accessories! In real life, most people tend to layer their looks! You might have a cami with a pop of color under your shirt or sweater, plus fun jewelry, a scarf, a purse, and/or hair accessories or hats that complete your look. It will add dimension to your images and make them look more like YOU in your natural, day-to-day life. :)



#1. For newborns, use the studio's prop closet! 

There's a LOT of cute stuff out there that looks adorable in person but just plain doesn't work in photos. We prefer items specifically made for newborn photography.... that are comfy to baby... and that actually match our backgrounds & props! :) 

If you just can't help shopping on etsy and want to bring some of your own, consider visiting some of our favorite etsy shops. These are some of our favorites and their goodies always photograph well. Keep in mind these shops sell PHOTO PROPS - these outfits & accessories should absolutely not be left unsupervised on baby. 

Twine & Lace

Alpine Lane

Soul Blossom Boutique

The Golden Stitch Prop Shoppe

#2. Maternity. Want to get a maternity gown especially for your photos? We have quite a few at the studio, but we also highly recommend these vendors: 

Silk Fairies

Sew Trendy Accessories


#3. For babies who cannot sit or stand on their own, avoid shirts with a collar. They are precious in person, but they bunch up around babies face in the photos and just plain don't look good. Giant bows also do not look good. Sorry! Don't hate me! I know there are some big bow lovers out there. ;) The thing is that sometimes what is cute in person steals all the attention away in the photos. We want your little one's face to steal the show! Some of our favorites are just little jeans, or some of our cute wraps/blankets. We do keep a few sitter outfits & accessories at the studio as well, or you can shop for your own at the newborn vendors we listed above!




#1. Take a picture of your outfits together BEFORE the shoot! This is especially helpful for family sessions. Lay them all out on the bed together and make sure the colors look good together. Remember, the days of having to be SUPER matchy-matchy are long gone, but that doesn't mean you should go TOO crazy. It's okay to mix colors & patterns, but if one outfit stands out WAY more than anything else... it might be a bit too much! If you're in doubt, send me a text with a picture of your outfits! I love it when clients share with me before hand and I'm happy to help you decide.

#2. Avoid loud patterns and bold colors for family shoots. I can easily date a photo by the patterns on people's clothing. Think about whether or not you want that for your photos. It may be that you get photos yearly and you are fine with looking at your photos down the road and thinking, "That was so 80's. That was so 90's. That was so 2010." But if you don't, then consider avoiding the super trendy patterns. Right now, it's chevron. So guess what I don't recommend you wear for your timeless looking family photos? ;-)

Solid colors are timeless. Solids with lots of texture are my favorite. They always look good, and the texture keeps it from being boring.

I'm not opposed to all pattern - just the really loud, super trendy ones. If you want to use patterns, keep it simple and pair with neutrals. Think of patterns that come back every season and are never out of style. For example, a classic plaid, especially for fall/winter, so long as it's paired with neutral tones... Think red, black, brown, tan, olive. 

Think about colors that complement the scenery where we'll be shooting, that match the walls where we'll be hanging them in your home, and/or what most flatters your skin tone. If we're in a spring garden full of pale pink flowers or at the beach- then pastel colors might be a good fit for you! But, pastel colors won't look right in a fall setting or somewhere with deep, rich colors in the scenery. Darker jewel tones would look better in those scenarios. 

Not sure? Ask! I'm happy to help!

#3. Start from the hardest person to shop for FIRST for groups or families. Lots of times we want to shop for the easiest person first because it's fun, but then you'll get over to looking at outfits for dad and big brother and get frustrated because you can't find something that matches your color scheme! So try to start with the person who will have the fewest options FIRST (usually this is dad) and let that decide your color scheme. It's much easier to then find coordinating looks for mom & the kids than working the other way around.

Orrrr choose a patterned outfit for one of the youngest family members (like a flowery dress for your little girl) and pull colors from that for the rest of your outfits. 

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